(with Carl Heneghan and Jon Brassey)

CG REPORT 1: The Impact of COVID-19 First Wave Restrictions on Cancer Care

1 June 2021

CG REPORT 2: The Impact of Interruptions in Childhood Vaccination

28 June 2021 

CG REPORT 3: The Impact of Pandemic Restrictions on Childhood Mental Health

2 October 2021 

CG REPORT 4: Effects of COVID-19 Restrictions on Air Pollution

2 November 2021

CG REPORT 5: The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on University Students' Mental Health

17 November 2021

CG REPORT 6: Effects of COVID-19 in Care Homes – A Mixed Methods Review

18 December 2021

CG REPORT 6 Q1: What were mortality rates in care homes by country?

19 December 2021

CG REPORT 6 Q2: How does mortality in care homes compare with pre-pandemic periods?

19 December 2021

CG REPORT 6 Q3: What explains excess mortality in care homes?

19 December 2021

CG REPORT 7: PCR Testing in the UK During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic – Evidence From FOI Requests

5 February 2022

CG REPORT 8: Understanding Definitions and Reporting of Deaths Attributed to COVID-19 in the UK – Evidence from FOI Requests

19 March 2022