Dr. Tom Jefferson has been interviewed by various national and International media channels. He has also presented to various forums. You can find a list of some of his videos below.

Tom Jefferson - The Transmission Flip Flop

Oxford epidemiologists: suppression strategy is not viable

Tom Jefferson - On masks - The better quality studies don't seem to show any effect

HAI Europe - Dr. Tom Jefferson on lack of access to Tamiflu clinical trials

Fake and poor medical science - and the 'evidence iceberg'

Tom Jefferson - This would suggest that the viral spread was far larger earlier than what we thought

Oxford expert casts doubt on origin of coronavirus| CCTV English

Oxford expert: COVID-19 may not have originated in China

Bit Navarra – Tom Jefferson Facing the unreliability of clinical trials literature

Tom Jefferson Lecture from Peer Review conference Budapest

Expert: Trying to locate coronavirus origin not helpful

Tom Jefferson about Cochrane

Intervista a Tom Jefferson

An interview with Tom Jefferson – Evidence Live 2013

Tom Jefferson – Bias in neuraminidase inhibitors – are traditional systematic reviews defunct?

HAI Europe – Q&A Session 1: Case study on Tamiflu and access to clinical trials data

Dr Tom Jefferson, British epidemiologist, based in Rome

The Tamiflu story, Tom Jefferson

Hayashi's problem (what you read may not be what it seems) Tom Jefferson